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Welcome to Color

Color plays a role in every design created. Even black and white designs convey meaning through their tones. We use colors to ignite certain emotions to reach objectives or help facilitating brand recognition. Color speaks for itself, they reflect image and send message for particular purpose to the target audience. The first step to understand color is knowing how colors influence you in relation to how colors influence your audience.

        Black is a psychological color, used to be considered as funeral and grief, but now has been up scaled to sophistication, power and elegance.         Purple, a blend of red and blue, is a complex color, red makes purple hot and can bring out the passion while blue calms down the mood at the time. This can be a good choice for creative types and royalty.         Red is the most popular and fascinating color. It expresses excitement, danger, fire, happiness all at the same time. Red can evoke a fight or flight situation, launch a warning signal, offer physical stimulation and represent sexual quality.         Blue is the opposite of red, a symbol of serenity and tranquility. We relate blue with sky, dependability and constancy.         Green, another calming color like blue. when people look at green, they see nature, refreshing and cleansing.         Yellow. It represents the sun in many cultures, also delivery cheerful, inviting feeling, good choice for eye catching.           Orange. A combination of red and yellow, has adopted the quality from both and is full of energy, work particular well with children , toys, games and happy events.         Brown, meaning each and dirt in the past, and now it's perception is associated with chocolate and coffee, gaining a tip on the tongue.